Parental Rights

CSQ Guide to Parental Rights and the RQAP (2016-2020). This guide is also available in print form from certain unions.

Guide to Parental Rights and the QPIP (English Version)

There is a form to fill out before meeting the union.  We invite you to carefully read the “Guide”, make a note of your questions, then fill out this short form before contacting the person responsible for parental rights in your union.  We believe this will make your appointment with this person more effective and beneficial.

Letter templates – FPSS Templates for letters to be sent to the employer

These are templates for letters to be sent to the employer requesting one of the leaves you are entitled to take under the collective agreement.  All you have to do is enter the specific details of your request into this template (your coordinates and those of your employer, the dates of the leave, options, terms, etc.), then print and sign the letter.  We strongly recommend that you send a copy to your union.

You will find all the terms and deadlines that need to be respected in the “Guide”.