Mechanic, class II

Mechanic, class II

Hourly salary rates and scales (in dollars)

Until 2020-03-31 2020-04-01 to 2021-03-31 2021-04-01 to 2022-03-31 Rate as of 2022-04-01
without bonus with bonus without bonus with bonus without bonus with bonus without bonus with bonus
Single rate 23,87 26,26 24,34 26,77 24,83 27,31 25,63 28,19

Salary bonus

A 10% attraction and retention bonus is paid until September 30, 2023.

Nature of the work*

The principal and customary work of an employee in this class of employment consists in performing a variety of repair and mechanical maintenance work and other work on motor vehicles, machinery and tooling run by fuel engines and on auxiliary equipment and tooling parts.

Characteristic functions

The employee in this class of employment identifies common malfunctions and performs the necessary adjustments, tune-ups and repairs.

He or she dismantles motor vehicles and machinery to remove damaged or worn out parts, repairs or replaces them as required and reassembles them; he or she carries out a road test or uses other means to check the results of his or her work.

He or she answers service calls on the road, as needed.

He or she may be required to drive a vehicle.

He or she may perform minor automotive body repair work.

Within the limits of his or her abilities, the employee works on diesel engines and equipment.

On occasion, he or she may be required to coordinate the work of less experienced or nonspecialized workmen.

If need be, he or she performs any other related duty.

Required qualifications

Schooling or qualification certificate

Hold a Diploma of Vocational Studies in Automobile Mechanics or in any other appropriate specialty for the class of employment or a diploma or an attestation of studies recognized as equivalent by the competent authority.
Hold an equivalent valid qualification certificate for the class of employment issued by a recognized body.

Other requirements

Hold a driver’s licence of the class appropriate for the class of employment.

*The nature of the work, the characteristic duties and the qualifications required are taken from the Classification Plan.