Maintenance Workman, class I

(window installer, tile setter, sander, metal locker repairman)







Hourly salary rates and scales (in dollars)

2019-04-02 to 2020-03-31 2020-04-01 to 2021-03-31 2021-04-01 to 2022-03-31 Rate as of 2022-04-01
Single Rate 20,79 21,21 21,63 22,59


Nature of the work

The principal and customary work of an employee in this class of employment consists in carrying out work in one or several specific sectors, such as flooring, glazing, furniture and board sanding and metal locker repair.

Characteristic functions

As regards glazing, the employee in this class of employment cuts and installs glass panes or similar material. He or she is also responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of metal windows.

As regards flooring, he or she sands floors using the appropriate tools and installs vinyl, rubber or linoleum floor coverings or other similar materials.

As regards sanding, he or she sands, by hand or with sanding machines, boards, desks, tables and other furniture.

He or she may also prepare surfaces for the application of primer.

As regards metal locker repair, the employee in this class of employment repairs, removes dents, adjusts, replaces and handles lockers, metal cupboards or coat racks; he or she installs, repairs or adjusts doors, shelves, hinges, latches, locks and frames; he or she uses appropriate manual or electric tools.

As part of his or her duties, the employee performs minor repairs and is required to keep the premises as well as the equipment used clean.

If need be, he or she performs any other related duty.

Required qualifications


Have three (3) years of pertinent experience with special skills in the specific sector or sectors of the position.

*The nature of the work, the characteristic duties and the qualifications required are taken from the Classification Plan.