Signature and Logo

Color Color Color
Black and white Black and white Black and white

The official signature is composed of two elements: the logo and the identification of the organization. These two elements form a harmonious whole that reflects the raison d’être of the Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire (CSQ): a force dedicated to workers’ rights.

A solid and stylized “S” is drawn with a brushstroke. It represents support in our schools as well as the strength of a group. It can also be associated with all facets of solidarity.

The profiles in the logo represent four people. The white profiles face the light, symbolizing hope, the value of the work being accomplished, and the future. The blue, shaded profiles refer to the work support staff perform in the shadows. The characters are female and male, illustrating the fact that both are represented in our group. The mouth of one of the shaded characters is hidden, justifying the importance of a federation that gives its members the opportunity to express themselves. The hidden eyes of the other shaded character justify how important it is for the Federation to give its members a broader understanding of the issues related to their work. The multiplicity of characters evokes the many professions represented by the FPSS-CSQ and the strength of a group with common goals. All of this is supported by a strong black line that reinforces its importance.

The identification rests on a blue line suggesting that the Federation is based on a solid foundation. Generally speaking, we used blue to represent the human aspect. It also suggests that our strength derives from the force of individuals.
This desire to change things is the key to an evolving unionism that demonstrates a decisive starting point of our mission to defend the rights of the individuals working in the school system.

With its adherence to the Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression, the FPSS-CSQ offers anyone who wishes it the opportunity to express themselves freely and to participate actively in the debates on union affairs that arise within our dynamic decision-making bodies.

All affiliated unions and their members are therefore invited to convey and promote the image that the FPSS-CSQ has constructed to increase the visibility of CSQ school support staff and to participate in helping the group develop and achieve the goals and objectives of its members.