Tasks related to students’ safety

Accompany and supervise students during reception and travel periods, as needed;

Ensure the management and safety of students,in conformity with the code of conduct and safety measures (for example, provide first aid).


Tasks related to the smooth running of the classroom

Help with compliance: as needed, intervene with students to uphold class or life rules;

Support students by ensuring the climate and environment are suited for learning and school work execution.


Tasks related to the wellbeing of students

Contribute to simple follow-ups with students returning to the classroom;

Help to develop student autonomy (for example, help with dressing and undressing, contribute to students’ material management, including objects, clothes and school supplies).


Tasks related to students’ school work

Help students settle in the classroom and get ready to work;

Answer simple questions in keeping with the instructions given to the student by the teacher;

Support some students for simple specific needs (for example, supervise and help a student in the execution of an evaluation).


Tasks related to classroom life

Assist the teacher in their execution of some administrative tasks (for example, taking attendance);

Contribute to maintaining classroom order and cleanliness, as well as supplies maintenance;

Collaborate in the preparation and posting of various materials (for example, plasticizing);

Collaborate in the organization of events, activities and educational outings (for example, back to school party, museum outing).


Tasks related to meetings

Attend parents’ information meetings, as needed.


This is not a complete list of tasks, but is a good reference point since it respects everyone’s function boundaries.