Sharing premises in the school

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School is a privileged learning environment for children. With the introduction of childcare services in schools, their greater accessibility and new family realities, school has also become a living environment.

In this sense, the physical environment must promote learning, but also allow the carrying out of fun, sporting, creative and relaxation activities.

Schools are therefore increasingly faced with the common use of premises. We can also assume that the need for premises is likely to increase with the announced reduction in classroom ratios. The use of premises is therefore increasingly a shared responsibility.

A protocol is established to prevent difficulties in using the premises.


Provide guidelines governing the use of premises in a school, in order to promote harmonious sharing of the available space with a view to allowing those involved in the community to carry out their respective missions for the well-being of the child.


This protocol outline is presented to you in order to encourage discussions in the communities and to guide stakeholders in the implementation of a joint protocol for the use of premises.