Office Agent, class II







Hourly salary rates and scales (in dollars)

2019-04-02 to 2020-03-31
2020-04-01 to 2021-03-31
2021-04-01 to 2022-03-31
Rates as of 2022-04-01
1 19,98 20,38 20,79 21,73
2 20,25 20,66 21,07 22,02
3 20,55 20,96 21,38 22,33
4 20,84 21,26 21,69 22,65

Nature of the work*

The principal and customary work of an employee in this class of employment consists in performing a variety of relatively simple administrative duties according to established instructions, methods or procedures and requiring routine decisions based on a limited number of elements.

Characteristic functions

The employee in this class of employment compiles data, performs simple calculations and prepares reports.

The employee fills out forms, cards, purchase orders, form letters, notices or any other simple document of the same nature and forwards them, as required.

He or she takes and transfers telephone calls; receives and forwards messages and faxes; provides information of a general nature on the telephone or in person; greets and, if necessary, directs visitors. He or she drafts notes concerning telephone calls. He or she records answering-machine messages.

The employee files documents, books and cards; he or she repairs damaged books; carries out the loan of audiovisual documents, equipment and books; if necessary, collects fines.

The employee may be required to enter texts and various data into a computer from manuscripts or other sources; he or she verifies the accuracy of the data or any other data contained on a list or document.

The employee may be required to carry out supervision in premises where aptitude tests are being administered.

The employee may be required to receive, stamp, sort and file mail and ensures its distribution.

If need be, he or she may photocopy documents.

The employee uses a computer and the necessary software to perform his or her duties related to word processing, database entry, spreadsheets and in-house programs; he or she uses electronic mail. He or she may be required to help, on occasion, colleagues with the common software and programs used.

The employee may be required to train new class II office agents.

If need be, he or she performs any other related duty.

Required qualifications


Hold a Diploma of Vocational Studies in an appropriate specialty for the class of employment, a Secondary School Diploma or a diploma or an attestation of studies recognized as equivalent by the competent authority.

Other requirements

Have some knowledge of office automation.

*The nature of the work, the characteristic duties and the qualifications required are taken from the Classification Plan.