Cook, class I

Cook, class I

Hourly salary rates and scales (in dollars)

2019-04-02 to 2020-03-31 2020-04-01 to 2021-03-31 2021-04-01 to 2022-03-31 Rate as of 2022-04-01
Single Rate 25,77 26,30 26,83 27,58

Nature of the work*

The principal and customary work of an employee in this class of employment consists in being responsible, as head cook, for the smooth operation of a kitchen and a cafeteria serving more than 75 000 meals a year.

In addition to preparing and cooking food, the position includes coordinating the work of kitchen and cafeteria staff, participating in the preparation and monitoring of the budget, provision of supplies, determining meal prices and keeping a permanent inventory of supplies and food products in stock.

Characteristic functions

The employee in this class of employment coordinates the work of the entire kitchen staff and determines the work schedules accordingly.

He or she ensures the management of the kitchen: budget, prices and supplies.

He or she prepares balanced menus according to dietary standards.

He or she supervises the rational distribution of the food and keeps a periodic inventory of supplies.

He or she ensures the rational use of the provisions and the rotation of food stocks in order to avoid too frequent repetition of the same meals.

He or she sees to the training of less experienced staff.

If need be, he or she performs any other related duty.

Required qualifications

Schooling, qualification certificate or experience

Hold a Diploma of Vocational Studies in Professional Cooking or in any other appropriate specialty for the class of employment or a diploma or an attestation of studies recognized as equivalent by the competent authority, and have three (3) years of pertinent experience.


Hold an equivalent valid qualification certificate for the class of employment issued by a recognized body.


Have four (4) years of pertinent experience.

*The nature of the work, the characteristic duties and the qualifications required are taken from the Classification Plan.