Structure and services

Structure and Services

The Local Union

The local union is the cornerstone between the members, the Federation and the Centrale, expressing the wishes of the members, delivering information from the Federation and the Centrale and ensuring the representation and defense of members in their respective sectors.

The Congress

The Congress is held every three years to evaluate the work accomplished in the previous triennial and decide on the major orientations of the FPSS-CSQ for the next triennium.

The Federal Council

The Federal Council is composed of close to fifty official delegates and substitutes appointed by the local unions.
It meets at least four times each year, a pace that intensifies in negotiating years in order to ensure the participation and direct involvement of members in the consultation and negotiating process.
Among other things, it makes decisions on:
the negotiation of collective agreements;
the consultation and updating of the Classification Plan;
positions and professional issues specific to support staff;
political orientations upheld by the Federation;
the Federation’s annual plan of action;
the Federation’s budget;
any other topics of interest to school support staff.

The Executive Committee

From left to right: Pierre Provençal, Vice President of Labour Relations and Professional Affairs; Éric Pronovost, President; Mathieu Couture, Vice President of Communications, the Secretariat and the Treasury.
The Executive Committee handles the day-to-day management of Federation affairs and manages the Federation’s property.
It implements and applies decisions handed down by the Federal Council, providing technical and political support to elected representatives of local unions.
A Secretarial Team

The secretariat team

Aside from all the staff at the Centrale, the Federation has its own specific team to handle its day-to-day affairs, namely a secretary in our Montreal office, Virginie Delaby-Fina, and three legal secretaries: Louise Lefebvre in our Montreal office and Josée Beaupré and Annie Paradis in our Quebec City office.

A Team of Advisors

Mélanie Baril, Charles-David Brulotte, Martin Cayouette, Pierre Charland, Julie Ducharme, Alain Gingras, Kassandra Légaré, Marie-Claude Morin, Pascal Morissette and Rébecca Salesse.

The advisors are assigned to three different unions.  They have a three-part mandate: to advise on the interpretation of working conditions, to train local union representatives and to defend our members, whether in grievance arbitration or before the Tribunal administratif which exists under the Act Respecting Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases.


Montreal office:
Mélanie Baril, Labor Relations Advisor
Charles-David Brulotte, Legal Advisor
Martin Cayouette, Professional Affairs Advisor
Pierre Charland, Labor Relations Advisor
Julie Ducharme, Legal Advisor
Marie-Claude Morin, Labor Relations Advisor

Quebec City office:
Alain Gingras, Labor Relations Advisor
Kassandra Légaré, Labor Relations Advisor
Pascal Morissette, Legal Advisor
Rébecca Salesse, communications and mobilization advisor

In addition to this team, there are also various CSQ consultants working on issues related to provincial negotiations, pension plans, group insurance, professional action, communications, action-research, etc.