Support staff, an essential part of the school network

Support staff, an essential part of the school network

In order to comply with public health directives, we are not able to publish Le Relais, the official newsletter of the Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire, as we normally do.  But, in order to maintain this special contact with you, we have come up with the concept of Le Relais in Confinement, a blog addressed to you that I will have the pleasure of regularly updating.

Let me begin by thanking you!

For that past five weeks, school support staff have been helping in the battle against COVID-19.

Whether you are a school secretary, a specialized worker, a daycare educator, a special education technician, a handicapped students attendant… whatever your job class, you are important!  Even more so in this time of crisis.

The work you do is colossal and essential.  Imagine if there were no secretaries currently working in service centers to process paycheques for employees, or no computer technicians to make sure systems remain in operation.  Or, if there were no janitors to clean and disinfect the emergency daycare services.

Each school support staff member, regardless of whether they provide direct services to students, is an essential person in the education sector.  We form a link that solidifies the chain, which is vital to Quebec society, and we are realizing this even more these days.  This is why I am dedicating this first Le Relais in Confinement to you.

See you soon,

Éric Pronovost
FPSS-CSQ President

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