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Questions and Answers on COVID-19

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Here are specific questions and answers for school support staff.

Will there be SDGUs in the evening and on weekends?
At this point, the answer is no.  Parents were surveyed and expressed no need for them.

What kind of work should maintenance staff be doing?
Maintenance staff (workers, janitors…) must only perform essential services.  This rule will apply until April 13 and could be reassessed. (Q4)

Can personal effects be retrieved from the school?
This is not an option at this time.

What is the ratio in the SDGUs?
The ratio is 1:10. A maximum of 50 children per establishment.  A limit of 20 students present at the same time in common areas (gymnasium, cafeteria, agora…) and in the schoolyard.

Do I have to call students to follow up?
There is no need for this.  Technical support staff (TES, TTS, TI) are requested to do so with students who were under their responsibility, in coordination with other interveners (teachers, professionals).

Do I have to go back to work?
Unless you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or returning from a trip, you must report to work if your employer asks you to.

Why not return to work on a voluntary basis?
In some places, there were not enough volunteers.  This decree standardizes what is being done everywhere.

Will teachers and professionals be returning or only school support staff?

This decree may apply to professionals and professors as well as to teaching staff.

Will I be paid more than those who stay home without exposing themselves?
Unfortunately, and against our recommendations, the decree specifies normal wages.

How many hours will I have to work?
It all depends on what the School Board asks of you.  But we will make sure everyone is treated fairly.

Can I refuse to report to work?
If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or are returning from a trip, you MUST refuse to report to work.  Also, if you or someone living with you has risky underlying conditions, you may be exempt from working.  Otherwise, you are required to report to work, upon request by the employer.

Can I be made to work anywhere, in any job category?
Yes, you may be asked to lend a helping hand in a school other than your own, or in another job category.

How far can I be asked to travel?
Our current collective agreement stipulates a radius of 50 km.  The decree does not mention anything different.

Can I be forced to work if I have asthma, a heart condition, etc., or if someone in my house has one of these conditions?
If you or someone you live with has risky underlying conditions, you may be exempt from working.  No doctor’s note is required.  Under the current circumstances, the government is relying on people’s good faith.  It is therefore our duty not to abuse it.

I have a very young child. Do I have to report to work?
The circumstances that may exempt you from reporting to work are as follows:
-You are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms;
-You or someone you live with has risky underlying conditions.
Otherwise, you must report to work if asked.