Protect all school staff: because everyone counts!

Protect all school staff: because everyone counts!

The countdown has officially started before schools reopen across Quebec, except for those in the Montreal Metropolitan Community.  May 11 seems to be confirmed as the reopening date. And we can feel it on the ground!  All support staff are being called upon to contribute and work at top speed, despite the lack of clear instructions.

The agility, resourcefulness and sense of duty that characterize the 81 job classes we represent are currently being tapped, demonstrating just how important we are in education sector.

This is why I believe it is essential that support staff also be given easy access to protective equipment.  All personnel are at risk and must be protected!

The 1:10 ratio in daycare is also a protective measure that must be respected.  The realities in a school daycare are not the same as in a classroom. Youngsters are often more enthusiastic, easily carried away by the games they are playing.  Lack of staff or physical space should not be allowed to impede our ability to respect this ratio.

Rest assured that we continue to work closely with your local unions to make sure you are working in a safe environment.
Éric Pronovost
FPSS-CSQ President

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