M2010 – Payments

M2010 – Payments

How many payments will there be?

Just one payment

Amounts due will be issued in a single payment, with legal interest rates applied, within six months of the signing of the agreement. Since the agreement was signed on June 9, 2021, payments must be made by December 9, 2021 for school or center secretaries and Day Care Service Technicians. For Administrative Technicians, payment must be completed before December 1, 2021. The deadlines may not be met.

The higher rankings stipulated in this agreement will not have the effect of modifying the salary step held by the employee concerned or the duration of time worked with respect to the salary scales provided for in the collective agreements.

The employee affected by a salary adjustment is entitled, retroactively and taking into account the duration of his or her service (s), to an amount of money equal to the difference between:

a) The salary they received for the period between December 31, 2010, and the date of entry into force of the new rates and scales determined by an adjustment except for premiums, supplements or lump sums.


b) The salary they should have received for this same period once the new salary rates and scales that appear in the salary tables are applied.