Le Relais in Confinement

Eric Pronovost’s blog during confinement

Migration is for the birds, not for students!

If a person develops symptoms, you need to react quickly. If students are easily moving from one room to another, it will be more difficult to track individuals who have been in contact with the infected person.

A realistic look

Rest assured that your local union that is there with you on the ground are keeping us informed of your realities.  This is what enables us to represent you in dealings with the various provincial authorities (the Ministry, the FCSQ, etc.).

A big WOW!

When I think back on all the work accomplished in the last eight weeks, I can hardly believe it. We were asked to do the impossible and we did it. I am as proud of school support staff as I am impressed.

Protect all school staff: because everyone counts!

The 1:10 ratio in daycare is also a protective measure that must be respected. The realities in a school daycare are not the same as in a classroom. Youngsters are often more enthusiastic, easily carried away by the games they are playing. Lack of staff or physical space should not be allowed to impede our ability to respect this ratio.

Asking school support staff to do the impossible

I am not sure the government knows how much work needs to be done, especially since information and instructions are given to us in such a piecemeal fashion. Once again, school support staff are being asked to accomplish a tour de force in exceedingly difficult working conditions and given hardly the means to do so.

Is there a captain on board?

But right now, shouldn’t Jean-François Roberge’s primary role be that of a captain who surrounds himself with all the essential players in the education sector, to guide all of the employees in the sector to a safe harbor?  All the more so in the context of the imminent reopening of schools.

What will it take?

Would it be so terrible to ask the medical specialists to mop a floor that needed mopping?  Many of our members do this every day in the schools.

Support staff, an essential part of the school network

Whether you are a school secretary, a specialized worker, a daycare educator, a special education technician, a handicapped students attendant… whatever your job class, you are important!  Even more so in this time of crisis.