Is there a captain on board?

Is there a captain on board?

1 ½ months… 6 weeks… 41 days to be precise.  This is how much time has elapsed since the onset of the health crisis that continues to afflict Quebec.

How many times have we seen the Minister of Education appear in public since this all began?  Twice?  Maybe three times?  I can’t even remember exactly.

So where is he? What is Jean-François Roberge doing during this pandemic when the two ministries most actively implicated in the crisis are those of health and education?

Even today, as the Premier announces that a plan to reopen schools will be presented next week, Mr. Roberge remains silent.

And when I think of how disinterested representatives of the Ministry seem to be when they answer our questions, and how they are constantly changing their minds, I can only deplore the lack of leadership in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

One of Minister Roberge’s rare appearances was to announce the educational tools that will be provided to make up for the lack of classroom teaching.  YES!  Ensuring the academic pursuits of our students is indeed essential.

But right now, shouldn’t Jean-François Roberge’s primary role be that of a captain who surrounds himself with all the essential players in the education sector, to guide all of the employees in the sector to a safe harbor?  All the more so in the context of the imminent reopening of schools.

Unfortunately, we are looking for such a captain but they are nowhere to be found.

Éric Pronovost
FPSS-CSQ President

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