Electrician, principal class

Electrician, principal class

Hourly salary rates and scales (in dollars)

Until 2020-03-31 2020-04-01 to 2021-03-31 2021-04-01 to 2022-03-31 Rate as of 2022-04-01
without bonus with bonus without bonus with bonus without bonus with bonus without bonus with bonus
Single rate 26,83 29,51 27,38 30,12 27,93 30,72 28,56 31,42

Salary bonus

A 10% attraction and retention bonus is paid until September 30, 2023.

Nature of the work*

The principal and customary work of an employee in this class of employment consists in being responsible for electrical work and performing the most intricate tasks.

Characteristic functions

In general, the employee in this class of employment performs the same functions as the electrician. However, because of his or her qualifications, he or she works more independently and carries out the most intricate tasks.

Moreover, he or she must assume partial or full responsibility for the renovation, conversion or repair of the electrical installations of the school board.

If need be, he or she performs any other related duty.

Required qualifications

Have the pertinent legal qualifications for the class of employment.

*The nature of the work, the characteristic duties and the qualifications required are taken from the Classification Plan.