COVID-19 articles published

COVID-19 articles published

Here are texts that detail questions and answers, directives or ministerial orders.

2020 may 21

Q&A on Deconfinement – Update

194 questions and answers

2020 may 20

Details on schools in hot zones

Letter from the Minister of Education concerning preschool and elementary schools, as well as specialized secondary schools located on the territory of the CMM and the MRC de Joliette.

2020 may 10

Update of questions and answers from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education

175 questions and answers

2020 may 7

The FPSS-CSQ requests the return of the 1:10 ratio in the SDGs

Reaction to changing the ratio 1:10 to 1:15 in SDG

2020 may 6

New questions on the reopening

156 questions and answers

2020 may 5

Masks for Staff and Staggered Reopening

Letter from the Minister of Education for masks available to all and instructions on the gradual reopening

2020 may 4

CNESST Guide for the School Sector

2020 may 1

Additional information on reopening

109 questions and answers on the reopening of schools

2020 april 30

Some answers on reopening

80 questions and answers on the reopening of schools

2020 april 27

Details of the Minister of Education

Letters from the Minister of Education to staff, managers and parents regarding the reopening of schools, as well as a summary table of return to school and a leaflet on public health measures

2020 april 27

Reopening of primary schools

Press conference by the Minister of Education

2020 april 23

Staffing forecasts, registrations and broken scheduling premium

198 questions and answers

2020 april 18

Assignment sessions, staffing plans,… 183 Q&A

183 questions and answers

17 avril 2020

Donner un coup de main en santé

Lettre du sous-ministre encourageant tous les membres du personnel au volontariat dans le réseau de la Santé et des Services sociaux

14 avril 2020

Questions et réponses sur le redéploiement en santé

Questions et réponses sur des conditions de travail durant le redéploiement

11 avril 2020

Arrêté ministériel – Le soutien scolaire pour aider le réseau de la santé

Arrêté ministériel 2020-019

9 avril 2020

Éducation – 171 questions et réponses

171 questions et réponses

9 avril 2020

Formation à distance pour la FGA et la FP – Directives

Lettre concernant les offres de formation à distance en FGA et en FP

3 avril 2020

COVID-19 – 147 questions et réponses

147 questions et réponses

1er avril 2020

COVID-19 – 111 Questions et réponses en éducation

111 questions et réponses

27 mars 2020

Ratios dans les services de garde d’urgence

Ratios dans les services de garde d’urgence (SDGU)

26 mars 2020

Dernières directives du ministre de l’Éducation

Directives du ministre de l’Éducation

12 mars 2020

Coronavirus – Des directives du sous-ministre

Directives du sous-ministre lors de la fermeture des établissements