Asking school support staff to do the impossible

Asking school support staff to do the impossible

The announcement was made two days ago: many schools will reopen in two weeks and the rest possibly in three weeks.  Parents who wish to send their children back to the classroom will have to let the school know a week in advance.

So, if our calculations are correct, this will give school support staff exactly five days to organize all the arrangements required to comply with distancing regulations.

Five short days…

I am not sure the government knows how much work needs to be done, especially since information and instructions are given to us in such a piecemeal fashion.  Once again, school support staff are being asked to accomplish a tour de force in exceedingly difficult working conditions and given hardly the means to do so.

This is why we at the federation are constantly increasing our interventions with various provincial authorities, insisting on making people understand and respect the current realities of school support staff.

Because, as you know, we have been on the front-lines since the very beginning.  Bravo to each of you, your work is essential and remarkable!
Éric Pronovost
FPSS-CSQ President

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