A realistic look

A realistic look

Many schools across Quebec have been reopened for three days now.  We all had apprehensions, but in the end all school support staff actively contributing to organizing this reopening.  Once again, I congratulate all of you.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed several regrettable situations on the ground.  We are well aware that, for many, the new task assignments are confusing or even frustrating.    Others are having to travel much longer distances to their new place of work.  And there are others who are seeing ratios not respected after classes end at 3 p.m. are worried about their health, even their professional futures.

Rest assured that your local union that is there with you on the ground are keeping us informed of your realities.  This is what enables us to represent you in dealings with the various provincial authorities (the Ministry, the FCSQ, etc.).

Admittedly, several ministerial orders have given the government exceptional rights and powers.  But it is essential that these be exercised with respect for everyone’s professional integrity.  Rest assured, we’re doing our best to ensure this.

In solidarity,

Éric Pronovost
FPSS-CSQ President

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