With its offers, the government is ignoring the needs of school support staff

16 December 2022

Négo 2023 – Francophone school service centers

The Comité patronal de négociation des centres de services scolaires francophones has just filed its offers to the Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire (FPSS-CSQ). The president of the FPSS-CSQ says, “once again, the government is ignoring the needs of school support staff, putting its head in the sand and serving us the same cold dish they did in 2019.”

CPNCF offers

The CPNCF says it wants to deal with the staff shortage, promote the success of all students and increase the flexibility of administrative management.  Unfortunately, these laudable orientations are hiding methods that do not correspond to the needs of school support staff.

When they say they want to review the assignment of personnel, the granting of leaves, salary insurance, staff movements, temporary assignments, working hours and the work week and acquired rights, they are saying they want to go backwards rather than forwards.

Demands of the FPSS-CSQ

School support staff make up 40% of the people working in schools across the province.  Whether administrative, manual, technical, paratechnical or direct student services, these people contribute to education by supporting the work of teachers, professionals and administrators.  Mr. Pronovost says that “Without school support staff, our schools and centers would not be able to function; the employer’s offers do not reflect our importance and the essential contribution we make to education.  We are indispensable.”

Improve the quality of school support staff jobs

The staff shortage problem is a major issue for the members of the FPSS-CSQ. We are calling for very specific measures to improve the attraction and retention of staff. Quality jobs with full-time positions are required, along with the elimination of split shifts, the promotion of all school support staff jobs, and family-work balance.  Concrete action was needed from the government to resolve these problems and it completely ignored them instead,” says Éric Pronovost.

Other sectoral filings to come

The FPSS-CSQ also represents school support staff from Anglophone school boards and the Cree and Kativik school boards.  We will receive offers from the government on December 19 for the former and on December 21 for those in Northern Quebec.

Meetings will begin in January

Our CSS negotiating team will begin meeting with the CPNCF team in January.  The exact date has yet to be determined.  Mr. Pronovost concludes, “we will have the opportunity to show them the urgency of improving the working conditions of school support staff; it will be crucial that the employer party listen.”