Meeting with the new Education Minister

16 December 2022

The FPSS-CSQ Executive met this week with the new Education Minister, Bernard Drainville.  They introduced him to all the school support staff job classes, asking him to imagine a school day with no one to:

  • Drive the school bus;
  • Open and close the school;
  • Welcome the students;
  • Do the cleaning;
  • Maintain the computers;
  • Perform administrative tasks;
  • Follow up with parents;
  • Defuse crises;
  • And so much more, the list was long!


Mr. Drainville was told about the staff shortage, job insecurity and poor working conditions.  Using concrete examples, the Executive proposed various solutions to these problems.


The Education Minister appeared to be open and attentive before the meeting ended with both sides saying they are hoping for cordial collaboration and continuous communication.