FPSS-CSQ Newsletter, 2021-2022 vol. 5, February 3, 2022

7 February 2022

To members of the FPSS-CSQ

Petition for the improvement and monitoring of air quality in schools

Dear members,

Nearly 3,000 of you responded to our most recent survey on the return to in-person classes.  Your answers enabled us to draw a fairly accurate portrait of your professional circumstances and the issues that concern you the most, information which we will use to inform the government and the decision-making bodies. (link)

But our actions will not stop there…

Always focused on proposing realistic solutions to improve the quality of the professional lives of its members, the FPSS-CSQ met with various political stakeholders to share our experiences with them.

After we met with Parti québécois MNA and third-party opposition education critic Véronique Hivon, she decided to post an online petition aimed at improving and monitoring air quality in our schools.

Véronique Hivon will then table this petition in the National Assembly.

Now is the time to mobilize and be heard by signing this petition in large numbers!  Spread the word!


For change in education… Solidarity!