FPSS-CSQ Newsletter, 2021-2022 vol. 4 January 13, 2022

13 January 2022

To members of the FPSS-CSQ

Reopening of schools – January 17, 2022

Dear Members,

Following the announcements made today by the CAQ government, we are seriously concerned about your workplace safety and professional integrity.

We are concerned because the N95 masks are restricted to staff in special education classes and schools, ventilation in our buildings is deficient, a new process for counting cases of COVID-19 has been implemented, and school service centres are improvising contingency plans to avoid service disruptions.

But first and foremost, what do you think?  We want to hear from you!

This is why we are asking you to complete the brief survey below.  We would also ask that you take the opportunity to tell us about any situations you are experiencing in the workplace.

With the responses we receive from this short questionnaire, we will be able to take actions based on your realities on the ground and represent you well politically.

The collector for this survey is now closed. We are analyzing the data.