National School Support Staff Day More relevant than ever!

24 September 2020

For more than 20 years, on the last Thursday of September, the Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire (FPSS-CSQ) has been celebrating National School Support Staff Day. This day is set aside to highlight the essential role these public sector employees play in our schools.

In these times, more than ever, this day is full of meaning.  “Support staff have been at the front lines for almost six months now.  We’ve been called many things: Superheroes, Guardian Angels, Essential Staff.  But regardless of what people call us, our dedication to our jobs deserves to be recognized.  Because we don’t just work during pandemics!” says FPSS-CSQ President Éric Pronovost.  “In midst of negotiations and the health crisis, the government has been given an opportunity to salute our work in a concrete way.  And that means premiums, improved working conditions, a genuine commitment to resolve the labour shortage and decent wages.”.

The FPSS-CSQ represents close tor 30,000 people working in Quebec schools.  30,000 essential workers in the school system, that’s 30,000 taxpayers helping keep the economy going.  And these members work in 81 different job categories.

“When you think of support staff, you instinctively imagine people working in daycares, but they do much more than that.  Whether providing direct services to students or in the general sector, more often than not, we are the ones keeping the entire system running smoothly.  Today is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on them, to say THANKS!” adds Éric Pronovost.


81 essential job categories

Buyer Nursing Assistant (or those possessing a Diploma in Health, Assistance and Nursing care) Locksmith
Office Agent, principal class School Transportation Inspector Welder
Office Agent, class I Gardener Specialized Shop Mechanic
Office Agent, class II Storekeeper, principal class Student Supervisor
Heavy Vehicle Driver Storekeeper, class I Swimming Pool Supervisor
Trades Helper Storekeeper, class II Interpreter – Technician
General Kitchen Helper Master Pipe Mechanic Social Work Technician
Laboratory Attendant Mechanic, class I Laboratory Technician
Trade Apprentice Mechanic, class II Administration Technician
Office Assistant Stationary Engineer Graphic Arts Technician
Laundryman Carpenter Audiovisual Technician
Caretaker, class I Printing Operator, principal class Building Technician
Caretaker, class II Printing Operator Documentation Technician
Night Caretaker, class I Data Processing Operator,class I Braille Technician
Night Caretaker, class II Data Processing Operator, principal class Special Education Technician
Light Vehicle Driver Reprography Operator, principal class Electronics Technician
Heavy Vehicle Driver Reprography Operator Vocational Training Technician
Cook, class I Certified Maintenance Workman Food Management Technician
Cook, class II Maintenance Workman, class I (Window installer, tile installer, sandblaster, or repairer of mental lockers) Data Processing Technician, principal class
Cook, class III Maintenance Workman, class II Data Processing Technician
Cabinetmaker Maintenance Workman, class III (Domestic Helper) Recreational Activities Technician
Day Care Service Educator   Painter School Organization Technician
Day Care Service Educator, principal class   Attendant for Handicapped Students Psychometric Technician
Electrician Binder Day Care Service Technician
Electrician, principal class Secretary School Transportation Technician
Guard School or Centre Secretary Pipe Fitter
Nurse Executive Secretary Glazier-Installer-Mechanic