Optional Educational camps and summer courses

4 June 2020

Yesterday, the Ministry announced the creation of educational camps for high school students across the province and for elementary schools in the hot zone.  The Education Minister clarified this in a letter to school administrators.

Optional educational camps

The decision to organize a camp will be up to each school board.  They will determine the list of vulnerable students who are eligible.  Student participation is voluntary and by invitation. The maximum number of children per group remains 10.

Minister Roberge stressed that this would be a good opportunity for students to review essential material, especially those who will not be given a chance to return to class this year.

Summer courses

Summer courses are offered every year.  This year is no exception.  So, students in Secondary 4 and 5 who failed basic subjects will be able to get back on track.  These courses can begin in July.

Support staff on the job

Let’s not forget what support staff contribute to summer courses, educational camps and many other things.  Whether it’s direct services to students, administrative services, maintenance, repairs and all the other services that keep our schools running.

Letter from the Minister of Education