Details on schools in the hot zones

21 May 2020

We have just received a letter from the Minister of Education concerning preschool and primary school establishments in the territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) and the metropolitan region of Joliette.

Schools opening in the fall

As announced, these schools will open for the next school year in the fall.  Specialized secondary schools for vulnerable clienteles in this sector will be opening soon.  These are regional schools for vulnerable clientele.

Emergency daycares until the end of the school year

Emergency daycares will remain available until the end of the school year.

Student monitoring

The minister repeats that “full-time work will be required of school support staff until the end of the school year”.

The guidelines for student monitoring which may involve school support staff participation are:

In primary school, at least three direct contacts (telephone or videoconference) per week between a member of the school team and each student.  These contacts must be more sustained with the most vulnerable youths.

In secondary school, assignment of a teacher-tutor for each student and a pivotal worker for students with intervention plans.  Ideally, at least one direct contact (telephone or videoconference) per week by each intervener, in addition to several remote group meetings.

Vocational training and general adult education

The rules already announced remain in effect.  Groups of up to 15 students in vocational training, and distance learning for general adult education.

Loaning of technological equipment

There are still many tablets available.  School boards can order them from the Ministry. Students with no internet access can get a tablet with an LTE connection.

Students in a hot zone who attend a school in a cold zone

Due to the proximity of certain bordering areas, students residing the Montreal Metropolitan Community or the metropolitan region of Joliette may be attending schools that are actually located outside their zones.

To view the letter from the Minister of Education