Masks for Staff and Staggered Reopening

5 May 2020

The FPSS-CSQ welcomes the Education Minister’s decision to provide masks to all staff who request them.

In a letter sent to partners in the education sector, he clarified that the Department of Public Health does not recommend providing masks to all staff, but he is “aware that some employees, who are in prolonged contact with students, have concerns to this effect and that wearing a face cover could reassure them at this crucial moment of a return to classes.”

Many are concerned about the lack of protective equipment for support staff and other personnel.  Some school boards have decided to provide masks to anyone who requests one.

Face Covers

The chosen term refers to non-medical masks.  The Government of Quebec describes how to use a face cover so as to adequately protect those who wear them and others.

The reusable non-medical masks will be funded using a budgetary rule made available to all school boards.

Face covers will be provided to all personnel upon request.  The image is for information purposes only.

Procedural Masks

Staff working in specialized classes or in direct support of disabled students, and staff working with preschool students, will be given a procedural mask.  This surgical mask will enable these staff members to work more closely with students with whom it is very difficult to maintain distancing.

The procedural masks are intended for specific personnel.

Staggered Reopening

Establishments will be able to stagger the resumption of classes over three days based on the different school cycles.  For example, for schools outside the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC), students in the 1st cycle could start on May 11, the 2nd cycle the next day and the 3rd cycle on May 13.  This will allow for a smoother start and an opportunity to adjust the implementation of the directives.

TELUQ Distance Learning Training

This training is also available for school support staff.  It is already available.  It lasts 15 to 20 hours and covers four areas: adapting a course to distance learning, disseminating training resources, supporting students at a distance, and evaluating learning at a distance.

No computer prerequisites are required.  To take advantage of this free training, you must register at (the English version will be online soon).

To view the letter from the Minister of Education