Staffing projections, registration and the split shift premium

23 April 2020

Here’s an update of the Ministry’s frequently asked questions. These are the elements most relevant to school support staff.

Staffing projections (Q18 and Q19)

The projected number of students has a direct impact on the composition of groups and the services they will receive.  Given that there could be a shifting of students between the private and public sectors, school dropouts, or other factors, the projections will be drawn from data observed over the past five years.

Registration at Charlemagne (Q29)

To look at the registrations, users of the Charlemagne software should click on “Diffusion de documents” then choose the “Productions ministérielles” tab.

Using scanned documents to register (Q39)

Scanned documents can be used to register students.

Mailings (Q47)

This response has been modified to clarify that establishments are responsible for the costs associated with the transmission of educational kits.

Construction of new schools (Q78)

School construction is not recognized as an essential service.  Only emergency work is permitted.

Tenders for the addition of space and building maintenance for the summer of 2020 (Q82)

Tenders can be submitted and service contracts can be awarded.

Management of service requests (Q83)

Workers who can handle requests remotely and without contact between people can do them.

Evening, night, split shift, and regional disparities premiums (Q114)

Inconvenience premiums for evenings, nights and split shifts are not maintained as long as the inconvenience is not being experienced.  Regional disparities premiums still apply.

Postponing a sabbatical leave or a vacation (Q115 and Q116)

The decision must be made based on the practices of the school board, in accordance with collective agreements.

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