Ministerial order – School Support Staff to help in the Sealth sector

11 April 2020

Health and Social Services Minister Danielle McCann has just tabled Ministerial Order 2020-019. It amends Order 2020-008 which was issued on March 22.

The order decrees new measures related to the pandemic.  The measures deal with workers in the school network (preschool, elementary, secondary, vocational training and general adult education).  It is aimed at school support staff, teachers, professionals and managers.

The order specifies that “any person may be redeployed to perform other tasks or other functions in the health and social services sector, even if the job category of this person is not respected for the tasks entrusted to them”

Here is some information related to this order that we received at a meeting of education stakeholders.


Anyone redeployed to perform requested tasks will be given training.

Health sector premiums

People will receive the health sector premiums, namely 8% for health professionals, 4% for other health sector personnel and $4/hour for beneficiary attendants working in the private sector.  Meals and childcare costs will be reimbursed.  You can find all the details in Orders 2020-007, 2020-015 and 2020-017.

Consultation of unions

Local unions will be consulted by their school boards before support staff are redeployed.  Communication is essential.