4 April 2020

New questions and answers have been added to the document issued on April 1.  Some have been modified, such as the one about SDGUs being open on statutory holidays.

Here are some new elements that concern school support staff.

Revenue losses for daycares and lunchtime supervision (Q24)

School boards will have to document changes in income and expenses.  Daycares do not want to begin the next school year with a deficit, so the government will have to plan a budget that incorporates revenue losses, but also reduced expenses.

Clearer maintenance directives (Q34)

We have been asking for clearer cleaning and disinfection directives for several days.  The Public Health Institute has decided that standard cleaning and sanitation methods used in the food sector should be maintained, and their frequency increased.

For non-food surfaces, such as doorknobs, tables and counters, more frequent cleaning with a 0.1% sodium hypochlorite (1:50 diluted bleach) is required.

We appreciate these guidelines but would like to have more details.

Return from a disability or maternity leave (Q48)

It is advisable to refer to collective agreements.  A person who cancels a leave will be deemed to be available for work.  There are also recommendations for the person returning from a disability leave, but we recommend that you contact your local union, because these situations are complicated.

Calculating seniority (Q55)

Seniority must be recognized based on the known and agreed upon work schedules for the period of March 12 to May 1.

Transformation of school board into service centers (Q72 to Q75)

The implementation schedule is under review. School elections for Anglophone school boards remain unchanged.

A school’s principal cannot replace a board of directors.

Bill 40 is complex and there are no answers on the substantive issues or on the board of directors.

SDGUs open on statutory holidays (Q147)

The answer has not been changed, but it will probably be changed in a future release.  The SDGUs will be open on statutory holidays, according to a note issued by the Deputy Minister of Education today.

The complete document with the 147 questions and answers.(in French)