The SDGUs will be open on the Easter holidays

3 April 2020

It’s a flip-flop situation. On April 1, the Minister of Education and Higher Education announced that there would be no emergency daycare services (SDGUs) during the Easter holidays and any holidays that may come later.

Then, in a message sent to school board directors on April 3, he announced that emergency daycare services will in fact be open on April 10 and 13.

The Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire (FPSS-CSQ) is wondering if the first announcement was an April fool’s joke.


Public health request

The request specifies that “The aim of this directive is to permit a maximum number of employees, especially in the health sector, to continue the fight against Covid-19 and to be able to provide services even on public holidays.”

It is specified, however, that parents who want daycare on Friday, April 10, must register for it beginning on April 6, and beginning on April 8 for Monday, April 13.


Not both days

The Deputy Minister of Education is encouraging local administrations to take mitigation measures to avoid making educators work on both days.  Just one of the two.

This is an incentive request which is not mandatory.



Remuneration for public holidays is unusual in our collective agreements.  But we have an interpretation which is favorable to our workers.  We are discussing this with the government.  We will inform your local union of the outcome.


Deception and understanding

The FPSS-CSQ is disappointed with this policy reversal but remains understanding of the needs of parents working in emergency services.