Ratios in Emergency Daycare Services

27 March 2020

The MÉES has just announced important directives for emergency daycare services (SDGU) in the school sector.


Clear instructions are specified for ratios:

  • A limit of 50 children in one establishment.
  • A limit of 10 children in attendance at the same time in one class.
  • A limit of 20 children at the same time in common areas (gymnasium, cafeteria, agora, etc.) and in the schoolyard playground.

To see the MÉES instructions yourself

Distancing Measures

This principle is very difficult to make clear to children who sometimes need comfort and also like to be close to their friends.  Educators are making great efforts to carry out activities that promote distance.

In terms of guidelines, it is recommended to do this during naps and meals. Board games with children touching the same pieces and dice are also to be avoided.  In such cases the public health department recommends that only one child be permitted to handle the pieces.

Parents should not be permitted to circulate in the school.  Parents are also no longer required to sign the attendance sheet; the educator will certify attendance in order to avoid contamination of the sheet and the pen.

Access to outdoor playground equipment must also be prohibited.

To see the Public Health directives yourself. Full version or version for daycare services

Hygienic Measures

Hygienic measures remain the same:

  • Require each child to wash their hands upon arriving at the school and before leaving for home.
  • Require each child to wash their hands before and after traveling to common areas (gymnasium, schoolyard, cafeteria, washroom).
  • Adopt additional measures to clean common areas (washrooms, entrances, etc.) and equipment used by more than one group (balloons, games and toys, etc.) or by more than one child.

A Demand for Volunteers

Our health network needs help.  Volunteers are needed for all types of jobs, whether it be school support staff, teachers or professionals.

The primary need is for people to make telephone calls as part of a public health survey.  The second is for volunteers to teach in the health sector.

You can submit your application at jecontribuecovid19.gouv.qc.ca

You can also volunteer to help community organizations, especially food banks, by registering at jebenevole.ca