Update – Covid-19 crisis (including emergency school daycare)

16 March 2020

Updated on March 15, 10 p.m.

Dear Member,

The government announced today that all schools and training centers are closed until March 27, inclusive.  During this period, all school personnel do not have to report to work.  Some staff, however, may be required for emergency measures and essential services, for example, the opening of an emergency daycare center, payroll processing, sanitary measures or maintenance work.  Staff who work in a school board administrative center must continue to work.  Alternative solutions such as teleworking should be encouraged, where possible, for these staff members.

Salaries will be maintained, whether people are required to work or not.

Safety procedures must be implemented in each open daycare center in order to ensure everyone’s safety (sanitary equipment must be made available along with appropriate rules of conduct for these circumstances).

If you are required to work in a school and you have personal health conditions, or live with someone who has such conditions, that do not permit you to be exposed to the risk of contracting the coronavirus, you can request an exemption from your employer and notify your union.

Examples of such conditions include people over the age of 70, people who are immunocompromised, people with respiratory problems, people with severe heart problems or other such chronic conditions.

People and their family members who have symptoms of the flu or who have returned from a trip abroad should also be exempt from work.

Contact your local union if you have any additional questions.

In solidarity,
The Executive Committee of the FPSS-CSQ