The Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire (FPSS—CSQ) celebrates Valentine’s Day in its own way

17 February 2020

Dear Minister of Education: Help us to love you!

The Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire (FPSS-CSQ) is using Valentine’s Day to offer some suggestions to Minister of Education and Higher Education, Jean-François Roberge, about some commitments he can make that would boost his popularity rating. Because finding real solutions to problems we are experiencing the education sector would certainly help…

“While he prides himself on knowing the real situation in the education community because he has worked there himself, Mr. Roberge has shown nothing but contempt for school support staff since he assumed his job,” says Éric Pronovost, President of the Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire. “He has also acted with arrogance by imposing laws, as he did in adopting Bill PL40 under a gag order. So, we thought he could use some advice on how to make himself loved by his employees.”

So, school support staff are proposing, in a traditional Valentine’s Day way, some actions he can take today to improve the situation in the education sector.