Survey – More than half of school support staff have precarious jobs

26 September 2019

Many school support staff have to cope with precarious jobs, especially those providing direct services to students.  Research conducted by the firm Ad Hoc, in collaboration with the Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire (FPSS-CSQ), reveals that in 2018-2019, no less than 57% of support staff interviewed are coping with precarious employment.

Significant data from the survey: The majority of these 57% have a continuous schedule, but almost half have to adjust to split shifts during their workday.  Nearly one in five have other jobs to make ends meet.  No wonder 15% of respondents say they plan to leave their school board jobs within two years. The main reasons are: insufficient hours (58%), poor working conditions (45%) and insufficient wages (35%).

Young people more affected

92% of the young respondents (less than 25 years-old) do not have regular, full-time status.  70% of those aged 25 to 34 don’t have regular, full-time status. On average, it takes almost 7 years to obtain permanence.  More than a third of the respondents waited between 5 and 10 years to obtain permanence, and almost a third, more than 10 years.

Holding another job

19% of respondents hold other jobs outside the school board.  The youngest are also more likely to hold another job, with 38% if those under 25 and 30% if those aged 25 to 34.  Those employed elsewhere work an average of 13 hours per week, which indicates that only a small adjustment of hours would be required to provide better conditions for these workers.

Quitting their jobs

 15% plan to leave their jobs within the next two years.  Insufficient hours and poor working conditions are the main reasons they would leave.  Almost six in ten respondents (58%) consider their working hours to be insufficient.  Nearly half (45%) say they have poor working conditions.  More than a third said that inadequate wages is a reason to leave their job.

National Day

In closing, today Éric Pronovost is using the occasion of National School Support Staff Day to honor the steadfast commitment of these workers to students, other staff and administrators, many of whom also have to cope with poor working conditions in precarious jobs without receiving the recognition they deserve.

Survey (In French)