$5 million for school libraries. A step in the right direction!

6 September 2019

An additional 5 million dollars of funding for library books is being welcomed by the Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire (FPSS-CSQ). “Documentation Technicians are looking forward to being able to buy more materials for school libraries,” says FPSS-CSQ President Éric Pronovost.

This funding that will recur for at least the next four years will help meet certain needs.  Pronovost believes that “student literacy is important, it should be promoted by making novels, graphic novels, comics, and any other resources that will captivate them, available to students.”

This $4.7 million increase in the “Literary and Documentary Works” budget envelope raises funding from the Ministry to $13 million, which becomes $19 million when we add the $6.7 million provided by school boards.  The FPSS-CSQ President appreciates that the acquisition of books published in Quebec is being encouraged: “We have excellent authors and we need to encourage them to write for our youth.”

Unfortunately, many Documentation Technician positions have already been affected by numerous budget cuts.  Pronovost believes that “school support staff who contribute to academic success need to be valued; they have an essential role to play in our schools.”

Mr. Pronovost wants school boards to hire more Documentation Technicians to meet present needs.  He concludes by saying, “The Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire is an organization in solution mode, the Ministry of Education should stop seeing us a lobby group.”