You reap what you sow

29 June 2018

With the holidays approaching, many of you will be attending assignment meetings to decide where you want to work next year.  Some will keep the same jobs, others will experience change.

The realities of support staff in the summer are unclear.  Many members of the FPSS-CSQ are subject to periodic layoff.  Administrative and manual staff will also be working hard to prepare for the next school year.

Saving on the backs of workers

Some school boards have decided to significantly curtail planning and preparation time in late June and August.  We condemn these decisions: if we want everything to be ready when classes resume, we need to recognize how important this preparation time is.  It prevents nasty surprises and makes everyone’s life easier.

You reap what you sow

When I used to sow carrot seeds in the garden in the summer, my father would say to me: “If we want them to grow, we need to water them sufficiently and regularly.”  Are staff in the education sector properly cared for so that they can advance, accomplish their work, be as engaged as possible with the students, satisfy the needs of the school board and provide quality services?

The election

As the election approaches, our federation, along with teachers and professionals, continues to make every effort to establish education as a priority.  These are the occasions when can see the real strength of the CSQ.  This enables us to come together and act in a concerted way.

Get involved to change things

With strategies aimed at decentralizing institutions, you need to be part of the discussion to ensure that support staff are taken into account.  We would like to thank all those who participated in school councils, delegate councils, and all of the committees that exist to defend the rights of support staff.  Many budgets will be adopted with the new commitment to success plans.  You need to take part in the discussions.

I was very proud to see support staff members at the May Day march.  Many travelled hundreds of miles to advocate and demand more recognition.  I felt the people were united and engaged.

Happy summer!

I hope all of your vacations live up to your expectations.

Éric Pronovost, FPSSS-CSQ President