Get involved, they say!

15 March 2018

Whether on the political level or within organizations, when we want things to change, we must get involved.

Too long

I often hear people say, “meetings are too long” or “there are lots of things that don’t concern me here”.  I admit it’s not always pleasant to sit around a table and talk for long hours.

On the other hand, if we want support staff views to be taken into account, we have no choice.  It is often said that those not present are always wrong.  I’m reluctant to say this because absentees are often right: they just weren’t given the opportunity to speak.

Towards success

With the new changes brought on by Bill 105, school boards will have to come up with a commitment to success plan (PEVR). This plan may include several intrusive elements that will impact your work.

Prior to implementation, there will be extensive consultation campaigns with education personnel, parents and other groups, depending on the strategy adopted by the school board.  If you don’t tell them what you think, people won’t know.

Get involved in committees

Committees, including the governing board, are another place for discussion.  There will certainly be topics that concern you less, but several will have an impact on your daily life.  There is also often an item called “varia” that appears on the agenda, which gives you a chance to express your ideas.  You just need to choose the appropriate place and the appropriate way to bring them up.

Get involved as a delegate

Another important avenue for leverage is delegate assemblies. Yes, it takes a little time, but it produces results!  If you want to change things, you have to address them and agree on a global strategy with your union.

Respond to surveys

Regardless of your level of commitment, you can always take a few minutes to answer surveys that will help to clarify your realities to decision-makers and the general public.  For a list of surveys, subscribe to our newsletter on our website; you will find links to places where you can express yourself.

Pierre Provençal, Vice President of Labour Relations and Professional Affairs