A Remarkable Campaign

13 March 2018

Discovering Support Staff in 81 Days

We are happy to report that Discovering Support Staff in 81 Days was a successful campaign.  Over the past five months, we have received more than 200 photos from support staff members, a visual depiction of the campaign.

We connected with more than 20,000 people and received more than 3,000 clicks and reactions.  With your involvement, you have helped to enhance the work performed by school support staff.

One class per day

By publishing a description of a different class of employment each day, we were able to highlight each person’s job.  You need to talk about yourselves to be recognized!  Many people participated by sharing these publications.

There is still a glaring lack of recognition for all that school support staff accomplish on a daily basis.  Whether it’s the visible person providing frontline services to students or the person who works in an office, they all have their role to play, they are all important.

Examples of testimonials

Many people spoke about what they contribute to our institutions and centers.  Here are some comments: “I make a difference with my diligence, my experience and the satisfaction of a job well done!”, “… people who take great pride in their work!”, “We help push them to their limits, to blossom and grow… all this with a lot of love!” and “We are essential because we are present with the youth every day”.

365 days

Beyond these 81 days, I want to talk about school support staff every day, because we represent a vital part of our schools and centers. We must continue to talk about support staff for 365 days a year!

Mélanie Renaud, Vice President of Communications, the Secretariat and the Treasury